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Garlic Seed - Spanish Roja
Grower: Promise Land Farm
Price: $5.50 ( 1/4 Pound (Apx. 30 cloves) )
Available (Exact): 6

Spanish Roja cloves for planting or cooking. October is when we plant garlic, and we saved our largest cloves to ... more
Seeds - Elephant Garlic Bulblets
Grower: Promise Land Farm
Price: $6.00 ( 30 Bulblets )
Available (Estimated): 5

Elephant Garlic Bulblets (also known as Bulbils, Korms, or Corms) are garlic seeds that are formed on the outside of ... more
Seeds - LOOFAH
Grower: Leslie's Garden Dream
Price: $2.00 ( 25 seeds )
Available (Estimated): 9

Loofah or luffa plants are extremely easy to grow in our environment. I grow them every year and use them ... more