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Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

Jarhead Farm operates under the Certified Naturally Grown program. I have been an ‘organic’ farmer for more than fifty years and am passionate about the sustainability of the land through sound chemical-free farming practices, and we’re adamant about growing clean food from clean soil in a clean environment for the benefit of my family and customers. All vegetables are from organic seed from reliable sources or from my own seed bank. We do not plow or till our gardens. All the vegetables and fruits from the farm are grown in open mulched gardens with full sunshine, rain and all those nutrients that come out of the atmosphere, not in an artificial environment such as a hoop house or greenhouse. No amendments (organic or otherwise) are ever ever ever added to our gardens.

NOTE: NO ANIMAL MANURE or its byproducts are ever used on the farm as fertilizer and the taste difference is obvious in our products.

Jarhead whole-fruit preserves are made on the farm from fruits grown on the farm. Since we don’t sell our fruits to markets or restaurants our jams are made with whole, sweet fresh fruit and not from the culls left over after the best fruit is sold to other markets. The jam is made in small controlled batches with organic sugar and if required, with organic lemon juise and pure fruit pectin. All jams are subjected to 10 minute boiling water bath before final labeling.

We now offer eggs from free range Lavender Orpingtons. These are medium to large brown eggs and they’re delicious. Their diet is augmented with non-GMO layer pellets that contain NO SOYBEAN (because we currently don’t have a source for soy-free organic feed).

Come and see us at the North Georgia Farmers Market at the Old Clarkesville Mill every Saturday 9-Noon through the growing season.
And I want to extend a warm invitation to anyone that would like to visit Jarhead Farm here at:

70 Stonewood Ct
Toccoa Ga 30577
Cell: 706-244-4105
Cliff Porter

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