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We began our farm in Hall county in 2016, after moving from Gwinnett. Summer has 12 years experience working the gardens organically, 6 years for Fry Farm in Bethlehem, and 6 years at our current location. We now continue to grow “beyond organic”, and our garden areas are not tilled, neither do we use any kind of pesticides, including ones that are supposed to be “safe” for organic farmers. We use amendments like worm castings and farm made vegetable fertilizers. Most bugs are dealt with by hand. This year we are planning more native pollinator areas, as my husband Jon and I are in our 3rd year of beekeeping; he has attained the UGA certified beekeeper status and working on the next level of journeyman. We care for the hives at the Gainesville Botanical Gardens, and are installing hives up in North Hall at the community center alongside the pollinator gardens. We care deeply for all that we have been blessed with. This year we plan to offer you blackberries, figs, blueberries, fresh baby ginger, and shiitakes and oyster mushrooms. I am certified wild mushroom hunter and may have others available. And I have overlooked the other main thing, I grow many herbs for culinary and health use, dehydrate them and use to infuse oils, make salves, teas, extracts and start plants for you to do the same! We hope to get to know you better through this great opportunity to list some of the work of our hands.

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