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We send out cool articles and farmer highlights using a different email program. You can see the archives of those emails here and through our facebook page! We use this “weblog” every Friday evening to let you know the market page is accepting orders (look for the little add to cart buttons next to products). Northeast Georgia Locally Grown was officially OPENED on Monday, April 26th, 2010 and we are so thankful that you are helping support fresh local foods each week.

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Locally Grown - Availability for December 19th, 2012

Hey Local Food Lovers,

It’s hard to believe but we’re already just one week from Christmas. The last couple of weeks of Locally Grown have been nice because we not only have seen some new customers, and some we haven’t seen around in a while, but we’ve had a lot of farmers hanging around the market for folks to meet. Last week Sid Blalock of Burton Mountain Farms was helping Teri to run market at the Clarkesville location, and we also had a special visit from Linda Johnson of Sylvan Falls Mill who let folks taste her delicious Christmas cakes and pastries.

Not only is this the last market before Christmas, it’s the last market of 2012. As you might have guessed we’ll be taking Christmas week off, so the next market won’t be until January 2nd (with ordering that Sunday the 30th of course). We’d really love to end the year with a bang. Last time we checked we were very close to having sold $40,000 for the year. If you guys really go nuts this week we just might make it.

Since we’re exactly 10 days before Christmas I’m gonna give you my top 10 market items you should buy this week.

1) EGGS – holy cow they are back – better go ahead and order 2 or 3 dozen to get through the holidays.
2) Moravian Ginger Cookies – from Mill Gap Farm- you should buy these as stocking stuffers they are so, so good.
3) Cornmeal – A great gift for a taste of the southern charm.
4) Jams and Jellies – A wide selection of Fig, Tomato, Muscadine, Scuppernog, Basil
5) Gift Certificate – help turn someone on to Locally Grown by giving them a gift certificate for fresh food in 2013. Gibson Farms also has a certificate.
6) Buche de Noel Cakes – Sylvan Falls makes an incredible holiday cake and with organic and freshly ground ingredients.
7) Bath Salts – It’s the holidays and its time to relax. Give a gift to yourself or someone you love with these homemade and aromatic bath salts.
8) Microgreens – arugula, brocolli, radish, sunnies, wheatgrass….all miniature and make for incredible salads that are unique, delicate, elegant and flavorful.
9) Dried Peppers – We love to spice up dishes all winter long, and a bunch of peppers in a mason jar is a great artistic piece in any kitchen, so can also be gifted to those spicy loved ones….you know you have one.
10) Fresh Bread – if you’re headed to see family you know it’s quite impressive to show up with a baquette under your arm. So grab some extra carbs to get you through the next two weeks.

You’ll notice I emphasized mainly the processed foods that are a little more shelf stable than our fresh greens, but lately my favorite meals have been those that included turnip and mustard greens cooked in chicken broth, some of those spicy dried chilies and onion. It’s just sooo good!

We hope you have a marvelous Christmas and we thank you again for supporting Locally Grown this year. As soon as we come back in January we’ll be asking for your opinions of what you’d like to buy in 2013 so put your EATING CAPS ON! And thanks to all who published a recipe, told a friend, handed off a business card, or other unique ways that you all have been an integral part of Locally Grown this year. We love our customers! You’re who make this market happen and we appreciate you.

Merry Christmas!

Justin in Habersham
Chuck in Rabun