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We send out cool articles and farmer highlights using a different email program. You can see the archives of those emails here and through our facebook page! We use this “weblog” every Friday evening to let you know the market page is accepting orders (look for the little add to cart buttons next to products). Northeast Georgia Locally Grown was officially OPENED on Monday, April 26th, 2010 and we are so thankful that you are helping support fresh local foods each week.

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Locally Grown - Availability for Novemer 14th, 2012

Hey Local Food Lovers,

Looks like it’ll be another short message tonight. There’s still a lot going on in the farming world I could tell you about, but this time of year tends to involve a lot of planning that may or may not be interesting to you. For instance, our group of growers has been coordinating orders of supplies for the last several years to cut down on costs, and make it easier for everyone. We’ll be gearing up for that soon, and each year our order gets bigger and bigger. I guess that’s a sign that the farming scene is continuing to grow.

I also know of a lot of folks working on projects right now. For instance, two area farms are engaged in aquaponics and I hope to fill you in on their progress soon. If you’re wondering what aquaponics is, it’s the combination of raising fish and then recycling the nutrient rich water to feed greenhouse vegetables. Another farm is trying to get in a well so they can construct a new greenhouse. Then there’s a bunch of folks with fairly new greenhouses that they are using now.

On the marketing front, we’re considering allowing the market to continue year round rather than go to an every other week schedule as we have the last two years. We’ll probably wait and see how things go through early December, but for now we’re planning to continue a little longer. We’ll need folks to continue to be hungry for fresh local food all winter long for it to work, so please, don’t forget to continue to inform your friends and neighbors about Locally Grown. We just reordered our business cards so if you’d like to pass a bunch out just ask and we’ll spread them around.

Here’s what our business card looks like:

Oh, I just thought of one more thing to plug. If you haven’t taken a look in a while please visit our RECIPE page. One of our customers, Patricia Howell added a really cool recipe for using MIl Gap Farm’s Jerusalem Artichokes to make Hummus. If you make this dish or any dish from our RECIPES page and take a photo to send us we’ll post it in one of our SUNDAY messages. In fact, any dish you are especially proud of that features food you bought at Locally Grown, please send it to us. We’ll show it off, and help give people great ideas of ways to cook all this terrific food. We’d really enjoy you’re involvement as we know you guys are some swell cooks. It’s the next best thing to getting invited over for dinner!

That’s it for this week. Enjoy all the cool offerings and don’t forget to ….


Justin in Habersham
Chuck in Rabun