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Ga Sky Farm is a small family owned farm located in Gainesville, GA.

We started practicing organic gardening in 2005 on our small 2 acre property in a subdivision. A few years later we brought home 6 little chicks from Tractor Supply and built them a luxurious chicken coop. Then came 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats to control poison ivy in our backyard, because spraying it with Roundup was not an option and the chicken coop got an addition to house the goats. Soon we realized we need more land for our growing livestock and gardening enterprises.
In 2013 we were lucky enough to find 10 beautiful acres of land with a run down house right on the middle of the city of Gainesville and GA Sky Farm was born! We worked very hard to renovate our new house, fenced and cross fenced the entire property and converted an old detached garage into a barn for our chickens, ducks and goats.
Currently our farm has 5 acres of growing space in addition to a small orchard with apple trees, peach trees, blueberry and raspberry bushes.
Though we are not “certified” organic, we practice only natural and organic growing methods (no chemical pesticides, fertilizers or amendments). We save our own seeds from our plants or buy organic seeds when needed.
Our goal is to grow the healthiest, most affordable produce possible using sustainable agricultural methods. These methods includes three C’s: composting, cover cropping and crop rotation.
Our goats, chickens and ducks happily roam in the fresh air of the pastures and wooded area. Thanks to their manure, our fields are fertilized with rich organic compost.

Our farm products can be purchased through Northeast Ga Locally Grown or you can stop by our Farm stand that is open every Saturday from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.
Please visit our Facebook page for latest updates about our farm and current availability of products: https://www.facebook.com/GaskyFarm/
For questions contact Natalie: nataliegasky@bellsouth.net

We hold following licenses:
Egg Candling License #7250
Egg Candling License # 7251
Raw Milk* Feed License #12729

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