Golden Shadows Farms


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Golden Shadows Farms is a small greenhouse operation growing year-round in Rabun county, Georgia.

I started this journey in the Old School Community Garden in Clayton, Georgia. At that time, my interest was how to enhance produce production on poor soil with nutrients designed for hydroponics. Self-educated in alternative agriculture, I was looking for the best system to sustainably grow as in individual.

Today, Golden Shadow Farms utilizes a vertical hydroponic system by Verti-gro (a company featured at Epoc), in a 14 × 40 greenhouse. The system can accommodate up to 500 plants using less that 100 gallons of water weekly.

We grow greens, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Going forward we will expand with different pilot programs for alternative sustainable growing.

Our motto is “Food, Sunshine & Happiness!”

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