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We send out cool articles and farmer highlights using a different email program. You can see the archives of those emails here and through our facebook page! We use this “weblog” every Friday evening to let you know the market page is accepting orders (look for the little add to cart buttons next to products). Northeast Georgia Locally Grown was officially OPENED on Monday, April 26th, 2010 and we are so thankful that you are helping support fresh local foods each week.

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Northeast Georgia Locallygrown Availability list for Aug. 22

Good evening Locavores,
The market is now open for orders. Stay cool if you can or just enjoy the sun late summer sun.
Have a great weekend.

Locally Grown - Availability for August 20, 2014

Hey Local Food Lovers,

Another gorgeous weekend here in North Georgia. One of the highlights was a performance of Half Mile Down a play by Rob Brooksher and company performed at the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue in Gainesville Friday-Sunday. It’s been fun getting to know Gainesville better since starting the new market down there in June and I have to say the more I get to know it the more I like it. No local food tie in, just an observation. The play was a great love story set in a historic foothills town to be covered by the waters of Lake Lanier. All the music was written for the play. We were able to plug Locally Grown before the play and the crowd was very interested in the market which was fun. Hopefully a few new customers may join us in the weeks ahead, or heck maybe even this week.

This afternoon, the whole family hiked down to our garden and spent time pouring water on the crops since it’s been a bit dry. Watermelons, sweet potatoes, okra, cucumbers, a couple of pepper plants and carrots all got a decent dousing. We have family coming to town on Wednesday (that’s market day!) and we wanted to be sure we’d have watermelon and other yummy crops for them while they’re here.

We also probably need to bump up our purchases for the next several weeks to accommodate our guests. That’s one of our favorite things about Locally Grown is showing off how good local food is here when people come to visit. But we’ve got to be quicker if we want eggplants. Those always go super, as are several other items in scarce supply on the market. You probably really enjoy it when you know you got one of the last ones. That’s part of the fun is trying to get the rare stuff. Hopefully more growers will have more of these type items in the weeks ahead. As mentioned before, August is a transition month for many farms so we’re kind of in between the height of the summer season and the beginning of the fall season. Many more goodies are coming. And keep enjoying the tomatoes and lots of beans. And there’s hot peppers so some local salsa would be a mighty fine thing to make this week. Promised Land just listed more colorful bell peppers. Garlic galore too! Oh yeah, Smart Chick is back so please welcome them by buying lots of cuts of chicken. We’ve always really loved their options and are glad to see them back after a long hiatus. Don’t forget the potatoes. Somebody post a killer potato salad recipe to Facebook or the Recipe page on Locally Grown. I love potato salad and only made it one time. Need to branch out.

Well, before I sign off for the night I’ve got one last kind of fun thing to share. A couple of weeks ago the Georgia Farm Monitor, a television show produced by the Georgia Farm Bureau (the state’s largest association of farmers) asked to do a story on Northeast Georgia Locally Grown after being forwarded the Gainesville Times article by some folks with Hall County Extension and Farm Bureau. We sure do appreciate this attention, and thought the story did a good job of capturing our excitement about our expansion to Gainesville and the potential the market has to continue to help rural farmers in North Georgia find long lasting customers.

Check out the Video by visiting YouTube
Or you can see it on our FACEBOOK

Hope you enjoy this week’s offerings and don’t forget to EAT WELL,

Justin, Chuck, Teri and Andrew

Northeast Georgia Locallygrown Availability list for Aug. 15.

Good Evening Locavores,
Friday evening has rushed upon us again. Amy and I just got out of the garden, picking for Clayton’s Saturday tailgate market, Simplyhomegrown a Farmers Market. You can bet that most of your local farmers have also been working late prepping for a Saturday market.
Your internet market is now open for orders. Be sure to check Locallygrown again later this weekend for items you may have missed and late or new entries by your favorite farmers.
Have a great weekend and enjoy fresh local food.

Locally Grown - Availability for August 13, 2014

Hey Local Food Lovers,

I’ll start tonight with the killer dinner my wife cooked. Very simple and very Locally Grown. Chanterelle mushrooms (from Mill Gap Farm) in a white wine cream sauce over pasta, corn on the cob (from Shade Creek Farm) and sauteed sweet potato greens (from Promised Land Farms). YUM!

We had some good rain this weekend which we needed. August is a transition month on many farms. Those first crops of squash and tomatoes and cucumbers are beginning to peter out and the second crops, more like early fall crops are beginning to come in. Things like eggplant, peppers, winter squash, sweet potatoes and okra will start coming in like crazy. There will also be the second plantings of tomatoes, squash, and cukes. Because I write this message 3/4 through the shopping period I always hate to mention items that have already sold out. But then again they are usually gone because everyone is excited about them, and if I talk them up maybe you can try and shop early to get them next week. That’s fun right! The early shopper gets the BABY CORN, the EGGPLANT, the EGGS (though Lazy L Ranch still has ‘em as of tonight). One item I’m real excited to see is Mill Gap’s PADRON PEPPERS. And there’s actually a few orders left. Read the description to learn how to cook them.

Andrew has put together another great video that may help many of you who are new to Locally Grown and still trying to master the website learn a few tips. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve actually learned some things from Andrew’s videos. The website is so well designed and has so many features I haven’t even taken the time to discover them all myself. There are some great navigation tips that can really speed up how you scan the market items each week.

Click here
or use this link

I think that’s it for tonight!

We hope you enjoy this week’s offerings and don’t forget (that means you Julie) to…..


Justin, Chuck, Teri and Andrew

Northeast Georgia Locallygrown Availability list for Aug. 8

Good Evening Locavores,
Finally we are getting some much needed rain at Mill Gap Farm in Tiger and hopefully it is widespread across North Georgia. This will give a nice boost to late summer crop production and help to keep vegetables sweet and tender for this weeks market.
Have a great weekend and enjoy fresh local food.

Locally Grown - Availability for August 6, 2014

Hey Local Food Lovers,

It has to be a short and sweet message this week.

The three things I want to plug this week is tons and tons of garlic from many of our growers, whole chickens from O’hana Farms (love the artwork too), and carrots from Shade Creek Farm. That’s it! Told you it was simple.

We hope you’ve been enjoying and will continue to enjoy this summer’s fine offerings of fresh food. Enjoy it while it’s here!


Teri and Andrew

Northeast Georgia Locally Grown Availability list for Aug.1

Good Evening Locavores,
Many of your summertime favorites are available this week. From squashes and beans to tomatoes and meats for the pot or grill.
If you enjoy BBQ make plans to be at the 18th Annual Dillard BBQ and Blue grass festival. The festival began today but Saturday is the big day for fun, food,and music from 10:00am to 8:00pm.
This is the KCBS Georgia State Championship with local as well as international BBQ Teams competing.
The festival is at the grounds of Dillard City Hall in Dillard, Georgia.
Have a great weekend, be safe and enjoy fresh local food ,and BBQ!!

Locally Grown - Availability for July 30, 2014

Hey Local Food Lovers,

Ayla and I are sitting here writing the message tonight. That is to say, I’m pecking one handed while she sort of dozes intermittently on my shoulder, and momma tries to get a half hour nap before next feeding.

I’m having a ball with my new family. We took grandma and grand aunt blueberry picking today and ate tons of tomato sandwiches, fresh salads, squash casserole and other tastes of the season over the weekend. The highlight for me was using Promised Lands hickory wood to smoke some pork. Been wanting to try that since it was offered and it made a mighty fine flavor. I highly recommend it as a gift for your grilling men out there. It’ll make them feel their primal selves a little more deeply.

Last week was a record breaking week for Locally Grown, in sales that is. And we had some great new volunteers in Gainesville, Cale, Hildreth and Ron. Huge thanks to them and all our volunteers that make market possible. We had so much stuff that I’m guessing I couldn’t have fit more than 30-40 lbs more in my vehicle!

We like to let you know about little things (and big things) we’re considering adding or changing to help grow and improve the market. It looks like a TRAILER for both hauling and possibly storing stuff may be in our near future. In fact, I added a trailer hitch to my vehicle last week just in case its sooner rather than later. We thought we’d mention it just on the off chance that any of you knew of a trailer that could be bought for a bargain. Needs to be no bigger than 5×8. Could be open or enclosed but as light as possible. We’ll keep you posted. We’re enjoying the challenge of hauling more local food!

Well that’s it for tonight. Baby duty calls. Thanks for shopping and…

Teri & Andrew

Northeast Georgia Locallygrown Availability list for July25

Good Evening Locavores,
Time has swept upon us again this week and it is market time.
Tomorrow is the 3rd Annual Garlic Festival at Simplyhomegrown Farmers Market in Clayton. The market and festival are at the Covered Bridge Shopping Center in Clayton, beginning at 9:00am until 1:00pm. Stop by for some great garlic and garlic products.
Northeast Georgia is now open for orders.
Have a safe weekend and enjoy fresh local food.

Weblog Entry

Hey Local Food Lovers,

This is a very interesting week at Locally Grown in every way I can imagine. For those of you who have been customers for awhile you are probably really, really excited to see Split Creek’s amazing goat cheeses and other goat dairy products listed this week. This is a rare treat that has been a part of our Locally Grown market almost from the beginning. Split Creek is a dairy in South Carolina located right between Clemson and Anderson on Hwy 85. Even though its just a bit far away, one of our market managers in Clarkesville Teri Parker offered to pick up orders from Split Creek on special occasions years ago and those of us who have enjoyed their products all this time have been incredibly thankful.

Thanks to the rapid rise in enthusiastic customers after last week’s Gainesville Times article (last week was our biggest sales week in Locally Grown history at almost $2,500) my wife, Ching-Yu thought this would be the perfect time to have a special offering of Split Creek cheeses, called them up, talked them through re-listing and offered to pick it up on Wednesday. This is the first time since last November we’ve done a Split Creek run. Ironically, Ching-Yu ended up popping out a baby at 3am Sunday morning and won’t be able to do the pick-up (the baby is fine and beautiful by the way). FORTUNATELY, to everyone’s good fortune Teri, who started our whole Split Creek thing in first place has offered to do the pickup for us insuring a very tasty week indeed.

One reason I give this backstory is to let folks know how grass rootsy this little market is. We’re not a business I assure you, we’re more like a community project run by some people very dedicated to good food, from good people, to good people. I also wanted to emphasize how GOOD Split Creek Dairy is and how special it is to get to try some of it. I had my first jar of feta in oil probably back in 2006 as a customer of the Athens Locally Grown, and I’ve had maybe 2 dozen jars since then. I’ve licked every jar clean, dipped my bread in the oil, made the best squash casserole of my life, placed the cheese on homemade toast with figs, basil and honey, and dozens of other ways that stand out as great, great memories. So, since this might be the last time for a good long while (or it might not, you just never know), order some Split Creek this week and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

Ok, now that I’ve oohed and ahhed. There’s just so much to ooh and ahh over. Mainly my first kid that’s napping a few feet away, but I won’t go into that (she’s not edible, but fortunately the hospital is located exactly two blocks from Two Dog Cafe in Gainesville, so I’ve been walking there for meals the last two days).

Sweet Corn! That’s an exciting new item this week. It’s sold out by the time I wrote this, but those who got it will love it I’m sure. O’hana Farms is back this week after a short break with lots of delicious and unique pork options. Sah-Ka-Na-Ga Gardens is offering some great herbal and oil remedies. My dog gets hotspots and I can’t wait to try their homemade remedy. It’s the kind of medicine my dog doesn’t mind getting because it soothes immediately and smells good to me. The Farm Boxes from Baird Farms and Wild Earth Gardens & Herbals have been beautiful. We love to see the creativity and the representative diversity of what’s growing that week on the farm in a beautiful display that is also quite a discount if you were to buy all these items individually. The Princess Feathers Flower six pack from Mountain Earth Farms is a bargain for those seeking to fill their gardens with beautiful and abundant flowers, not just this year but in future years. Give them a try. And potatoes, cucumbers, and squash are at their peak. Enjoy these treats while their at their freshest. Tomatoes are also super abundant. And Sweet potato leaves are awesome if you’d like to try something a bit different.

I love scanning the weekly list of fresh food. I love that there’s people willing to grow it. I love buying it, I love picking it up, and I love planning my meals around it. I love cutting it up and cooking it, and I love eating it and sharing it with family and friends. I also love learning more about all of it, from each individual who grows it, to the origins of what they grow and how it tastes best. It’s July 20, pretty much the height of summer. It’s a good time to love all these things. And this week of this year is a great time to enjoy local food! So enjoy! And…..


Justin in Gainesville this evening
Chuck in Rabun
Teri and Andrew

PS – Habersham Harvest restaurant in Clarkesville opened this weekend. It’s a farm to table restaurant and we absolutely loved it. The crimini mushrooms in a sage / wine / butter sauce blew my mind. If you’re up that way you’ve got to pay them a visit. When you do you’ll eat much of the food you find on this website, only prepared by a master chef. Go eat there if you enjoy the elegant delivery local food!