Garden Post

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In 2011 we found ourselves unemployed. Rather than wallow in fear, frustration, and anger over our situation; we decided to resurrect skills learned years earlier when we owned and operated an 8 acre vineyard and a 1 acre market garden. What started as a way to feed the family has continued to grow into what we are now calling the Garden Post.

We are committed to producing clean, organically, grown vegetables to share with others who are looking for wholesome, chemical free, food to feed their families. We use nothing but compost, minerals, and kelp to nourish our produce. We use only natural beneficial organisms, plant oils, and extracts, to combat the plant disease, fungus and insects that are a part of this fallen world. And weeds? Well weeds if they get past the heavy mulch; means a lot of hoeing, bending, and hand labor.

The Garden Post is a labor of love; love of God, family, and healthy soil.

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