B G Farms

Website: b-g-farms-inc.com

We are a family run business totally dedicated to sustainable living and good food which we produce. We raise 2 types of Beef-Devonshire and Hereford-shire both types are imported from England in the 1600 to 1700 for the same reason to be able to raise top quality beef and have a plentiful amount.

The Pork is also an English breed of pig the Berkshire this is referred to as Berkshire Gold. due to the dark red meat. We Cross breed the Birkshire to the Heritage Breed (Mule Foot) which is the oldest breed known to mankind the meat looks like beef and the Birkshire/Mulefoot cross is the most perfect meat you can find,

We have added chicken to our meat supplies we raise Cornish Cross the
quick growing birds produce a delicous chicken in about 6 or 7 weeks, making the tender sulicant meal you could ask for.

We always appreciate any suggestions or imput from our customers all of our animals are raised without any Growth Hormones, preseratives and are packaged USDA The labels state exactually what is in our products —-supervisied by the USDA Fed. Inspector
NO backyard processing ever.

You can send comments and ask questions of this grower by contacting:
Lynda Brady — bgfarms.Inc@gmail.com

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