Wednesday Customer Pickup/ Farmer Dropoff sites:

Hall County
Northeast Georgia History Center
322 Academy St, Gainesville GA 503.758.8488

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Rabun County
Mill Gap Farm
63 Mill Gap Lane, Tiger GA 706.212.7392

Habersham County
Grace Calvary Church
295 East Green Street, Clarkesville GA 706.968.3397

Welcome to the Northeast Georgia Area Locally Grown!
Locally Grown is an internet based farmers market that creates a unique way to make fresh, local and sustainable foods more accessible to citizens of Northeast Georgia. As a result we hope to encourage more producers to make a living from farming and food production.

All the products you find on this site are produced right here in Northeast Georgia (primarily Rabun, Habersham, White and adjacent counties). All of the growers are committed to chemical free farming and follow strict standards to ensure that all the vegetables, herbs, milled products, dairy, eggs, meats, flowers, and transplants are produced using sustainable production practices.

Locally Grown has EXPANDED to a new pickup site in Gainesville, GA at the Northeast Georgia History Center – 322 Academy Street NE. If you live in or near Gainesville, open an account now and prepare to EAT WELL. Order Friday-Monday and PICKUP your items on Wednesday from 5-7pm. We can’t wait to meet NEW CUSTOMERS! (Please park behind or across from the Portico so we keep it pedestrian friendly )
YOU can VOLUNTEER to be a Market Assistant at the new Gainesville location and get a FREE LOCAL FOOD stipend each week in exchange for a couple of hours of work. For more information contact Andrew at

The Northeast Georgia Locally Grown network was started by growers in Rabun and Habersham counties, and though not a true cooperative, we use cooperative efforts to increase the availability of local foods to consumers throughout the North Georgia Mountains. The market builds on the significant success of the Athens Locally Grown market. After seeing the success of an internet based market in Athens, growers in Rabun County sought to collaborate with Habersham County growers to increase the accessibility of local food to rural mountain residents. By working together we can increase both the consumer base and the grower base.

The purchases you make on this site are between you the customer and the individual farms you order from. In that regard it is most similar to a Saturday morning farmers market, except that the orders are placed in advance and the farms leave their items for you with the Locally Grown market managers. Locally Grown doesn’t buy and resell anything, we just manage the pickup sites where we hold onto the farm products for a short period of time before you pick them up. It’s pretty neat in that it saves a lot of time for farmers and consumers. Farmers can drop your items off and head back to the farm. Customers can typically pick up items from dozens of farms in less than 10 minutes and you’ll know exactly what you bought before coming to market.

Benefits of buying Locally Grown
While each individual will have their own reasons for enjoying buying locally grown foods, here are just a few of the reasons that motivated us:

Builds local economy – land based small farm businesses are a great way to build the economy with relatively low capital costs. This market encourages people to “grow to sell” because anyone who produces chemical free food can become a vendor.

Conserves natural resources – Sustainable farming considerably reduces the environmental impact of producing food. Buying sustainable local foods reduces fuel use, packaging materials, and chemicals. (for detailed information of the standards required by the farms listed here go to our Growers page and click on the Guidelines for Growers)

Building Relationships – Buying local food will put you closer to the people and the landscapes right here in the mountains. You’ll gain a deeper sense of community as you meet other consumers and growers.

Learning sustainability – Sustainability is more of a process than a goal and its something that we have to do together. Understanding where your food comes from and how it was grown in a “low impact” way may influence other behaviors that have a positive impact on the environment.

How the Market Works
Locally Grown is an internet based market that works a lot like a farmers market. Each farmer and food producer posts their products in a kind of “virtual farmers market” on this website. Just click on “The Market” link above to see what is currently available.

When you place an order through Locally Grown your orders are conveyed directly to the growers you order from and they harvest the food specifically to fill your order. The Locally Grown market does not purchase food from farmers and then re-sell it to you. We simply act as a drop site for the farms from whom you have purchased food. To help us pay for our expenses and equipment to organize these transactions we charge the farmers 12% of all sales.

The Locally Grown market does have a very small membership fee for customers to help us pay for resources such as coolers, paperwork, transportation costs, extra labor and eventually some educational programs and field days. However, the first three times you buy from the market we offer a free trial to make sure you like it. After that a $20 fee per household per calendar year is automatically applied to your fourth order. We tried to keep this fee as low as possible, and it should go a long way in making sure it’s easy for us to grow as the market increases in size.

The best part about Locally Grown is you get to order exactly what you want, the amounts that you want, and from the farms you want, just like a Saturday morning market (only without having to get up early). The ordering system works just like a shopping cart you’ve seen on other internet sites, including photos and descriptions of items and the farms they come from.

On Friday evenings all the items for the week will be posted for ordering and you’ll receive an e-mail reminder to look at the week’s availability. You can place your order anytime after that, until 9pm on Monday night when the market closes. After the ordering ends the farmers will receive their orders so they know what to harvest on Tuesday and Wednesday for delivery Wednesday afternoon. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail of your order.

THE WINTER SCHEDULE FOR ORDERING – The market will be open every week this winter. You will receive an e-mail on Friday evening that the market is open.

Picking Up Orders
Pick up of your orders is on Wednesday from 5:00pm until 7:00pm in both Rabun and Habersham County. Pick up is shortened until 6:30pm during the winter.

The pick up sites are:

Rabun County site is at Mill Gap Farm located at 63 Mill Gap Lane, Tiger.

Habersham County site is at Grace Calvary Church located at 295 East Green Street Clarkesville, GA 30523. Park in the gravel lot and walk over to the carport next to the Church offices.

Hall County site is at Northeast Georgia History Center located 322 Academy Street NE Gainesville, GA 30501. Park in the lot behind the History Center and walk over to the front Portico! First pickup date is JUNE 11th. Ordering starts on June 6th.

If for some reason you aren’t able to make the pickup you can arrange for someone else to pickup your order so that your account won’t be charged. About a half hour before we pack up to go home, we’ll call you. If we aren’t able to reach you, your items will be donated or given away, and your account charged for the order. We do not have a means to keep items until the next week, or to deliver them to you. If we are able to reach you on the phone, we may be able to work out an arrangement (please use your cell phone # so we can reach you), but otherwise, your items will be donated or given away and your account charged!

Since the growers harvested just for you, and we paid the growers on your behalf you are still responsible for paying for items, even if you do not pick them up. Your charges will be put on your account, and that amount will get added to your next order.

Payment Options
Locally Grown prefers cash but also takes checks made out to “NGLG” short for Northeast Georgia Locally Grown, or just “Locally Grown.” Credit cards are accepted at the Gainesville location.

That’s the basics!

We hope you enjoy the Northeast Georgia Locally Grown market and thanks for supporting local efforts to produce fresh, sustainable food.

Still have Questions?
For Rabun County contact:
Chuck Mashburn

For Habersham County contact:
Teri Parker

For Hall County contact:
Andrew Linker

Sponsor A Membership!
We’d really like to encourage participation from a broad audience and all income levels. If you would like to sponsor a membership for an individual or family, please contact us.

Market Sponsor
The Northeast Georgia Locally Grown market is sponsored by the Georgia Mountains Farmer Network and the Soque River Watershed Association.

The market wouldn’t be possible without these two great organizations so if you support Georgia Mountain farmers and you think River Conservation is cool (and you should) then check out their great websites and FACEBOOK sites (cause apparently that’s where they talk about stuff).

Looking for Local Farm Lovers
….visit GMFN Facebook

Looking for Soque Lovers
….and for more information about the SRWA visit

Looking for Local Food Lovers
….visit Locally Grown Facebook

To contact these great organizations or e-mail to
request being added to their e-bulletins.

Take a look at this great video about Locally Grown made by the Georgia Farm Bureau on August 15, 2014.