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Locally Grown - Availability for April 3rd, 2012

Hey Local Food Lovers,

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet tonight. I would like to mention quickly that the Georgia Mountains Farmers Network gang had a meeting at Brooks Franklin’s Leah Lake Farms last Tuesday. I think we all were very impressed with the unique growing system that Brooks has assembled in just three years.

I’ll give you a quick example. Most of the delicious greens that you order week in and week out from Leah Lake Farms are grown in small hoop houses constructed out of inexpensive PVC pipes bent over and attached to rebar stuck into the ground. Lettuces really like the extra protection from the elements and thrive under cover. Because Leah Lakes Farm is on a hillside the tunnels have a low end and a high end. This allows the super hot air that can accumulate in a tunnel during the day to simply rise and vent right out the high end of the tunnels pulling in cool air from the bottom.

This is an example of capitalizing on the strengths of your surroundings and there aren’t many farms that have done it as well as Brooks!

Show him your appreciation this week by ordering something extra and give it to a friend if you have to. We had one heckuva a pot luck after our tour. That’s our favorite part about getting together.

We’ll be inviting all of you out to these wonderful farms too. June 15 and 16th will be your chance to visit most of the farms we have featured here on Locally Grown. So make your plans now!

Justin in Habersham
Chuck in Rabun