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Locally Grown - Availability for February 27th, 2013

Hey Local Food Lovers,

I’m gonna keep it short and sweet tonight. First off, I want to let folks know that Wild Georgia Seafood is back with shrimp this week after being gone for a month, so if you’re looking for a some shrimp kabob this week, these puppies are good.

There’s also 3 varieties of microgreens: sunflowers, broccoli and wheatgrass. I haven’t tried each of these yet, but I love microgreens. I had a microgreen salad for lunch and it’s hard for me to go back to lettuce now.

There’s actually almost as many varieties of processed foods as there are vegetables this week. In fact I should mention two fairly new farms to the market, The Happy Berry (who’s actually been with us for a couple of months) and Chattooga Belle Farm. Both of these farms are just across the border in South Carolina and both specialize in lots and lots of fruit trees, which explains why they have so many different types of jam. The Happy Berry also lists some pastured eggs that have been very popular the last several weeks. Those of you who shop at the Mill Gap location should ask Chuck about these farms as he’s visited both. I haven’t had the opportunity yet, but hope to during this years fruiting season…..

Which reminds me, the highlight of my week last week was planting a bunch of asian persimmons and blueberries at a local school. We’ll be planting more at the Clarkesville Greenway sometime this week as well as paw paws, and in a few more weeks, figs. Planting fruit trees is one of the best things you can do around your home, and its not quite too late. If you’re in the Habersham area, you can buy bareroot blueberry bushes from Sidney Roland for $2 each. He usually sells them in groups of ten. We planted about 40 of them at the community garden and they are doing great. If you’re interested give him a call at (706) 754-6700. You can mention that Justin referred you, and if you get to meet him, get him to tell you his story about the first time he ever kissed a girl. It’s a great story.

One last thing. If you know any farmers at all interested in growing to sell this coming season please encourage them to attend the FARM 2 SCHOOL farmers forum this Thursday at Wilbanks Middle School at 7pm. School nutritionist Paige Holland will discuss what they are looking for, and other details. For more info call Justin at 706-754-9382. Spread the word. We need as many farmers as possible to make sure this is a grandly successful effort to feed local school kids local food!

Ok, i promised a short one. Don’t forget to…..

Justin in Habersham
Chuck in Rabun