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Locally Grown - Availability for January 23rd, 2013

Hey Local Food Lovers,

Happy MLK Day Eve! If you don’t have anything planned for the National Day of Service here’s a couple of recommendations. In addition to buying some local food and supporting some local farms by shopping here of course, it’s also incredibly rewarding to plan a little growing of your own this spring.

I just spent a couple of minutes pruning my amaryllis bulb from last year and placing it in the crisper for the next 6 weeks so that I can replant it and watch it bloom again. The other small project I’m working on soon is planting dozens of small herb containers of thyme, rosemary, oregano, marjoram and others that I can share with friends and family later in the spring. All it takes is soil, seeds, water, light and a little planning.

Huge thanks to everyone who took our SURVEY over the last 3 weeks. Here are the results to the question WHICH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN 2013?

The following numbers are the % of individuals who responded YES next to the corresponding vegetables.

Asparagus 87%
Beans (green) 81%
Beans (edamame) 38%
Beans (lima) 45%
Beets 64%
Broccoli 85%
Brussels sprouts 55%
Cabbage 51%
Chinese cabbage 30%
Cantaloupe 68%
Honeydew 45%
Carrots 60%
Cauliflower 51%
Celery 45%
Pak Choi 21%
Collards 38%
Corn (sweet) 64%
Popcorn 17%
Cucumbers (slicing) 60%
Cucumbers (pickling) 17%
Eggplant 45%
Garlic 57%
Ginger 51%
Kale 53%
Kohlrabi 13%
Leeks 49%
Lettuce 74%
Herbs 43%
Mustard greens 23%
Okra 51%
Onions (bulb) 45%
Onions (green) 62%
Peanuts 21%
Peas (green) 49%
Peas (snap) 49%
Peas (snow) 60%
Peas (black eyed) 40%
Parsnip 15%
Pepper (sweet) 60%
Pepper (hot) 23%
Potatoes (white) 49%
Potatoes (sweet) 70%
Pumpkin 28%
Radicchio 23%
Radish (red) 30%
Radish (specialty) 15%
Shallots 34%
Spinach 62%
Swiss chard 40%
Squash (yellow) 64%
Squash (patty pan) 30%
Squash (butternut) 51%
Squash (specialty) 23%
Squash (blossoms) 13%
Sorrel 9%
Zucchini 62%
Gourds 4%
Sunflowers 28%
Tomato (heirloom) 91%
Tomato (slicing) 55%
Tomato (grape) 49%
Tomato (cherry) 53%
Tomatillo 28%
Turnips 23%
Rutabaga 15%
Watercress 23%
Watermelon (personal size) 51%
Watermelon (large) 19%

I expect that this information will be incredibly useful to our growers as they plan ahead for the upcoming growing season. You also provided some very helpful written comments that we’ll be going through and will respond to in the next week or two. There are some great suggestions and we hope to incorporate some of your recommendations into this year’s season.

We’ve mentioned before that we want to give those of you who may be a bit new to Locally Grown the history of the market to date (we’ll be 3 years old in April). Since that will take a bit of my brain muscle to recall all the details we’ll tell that tale starting next week. Until then don’t forget to ….


Justin in Habersham
Chuck in Rabun