Eggnog_poundcake Cake - Eggnog Poundcake with Streusel Topping
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Price: $8.00 ( 24 oz)
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Nothing says "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" quite like eggnog, and we've created a great way to enjoy it, without getting a 'nog mustache! This beautiful Eggnog Poundcake is positively YUMMY! We use premium eggnog in our batter, and you can really taste the nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon. It's not TOO sweet, but we've topped it with a delightful, crunchy streusel that gives it just enough sweetness to make it worthy of your dessert table. 100% Organic BREAD FLOUR, EGGNOG, PURE CANE SUGAR, EGGS, BUTTER, BAKING POWDER, DARK RUM.