Img_0096 Bread - Gluten Free Loaf Bread
Grower: My Daily Bread
Price: $10.00 ( 2 lb loaf)
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Finally, we are so excited our Gluten Free loaf bread is ready to roll out! This recipe came from one of our ladies that baked in the kitchen, we have tweaked it and played with the appearance to make it look like a normal loaf bread as much as possible for a Gluten free bread. No small square flat hard bread here. This loaf taste great, refrigerates and freezes well and has a nice edge. It is made with organic white rice flour, brown rice flour, sweet white rice flower and tapioca flour. It weights out over 2 lbs. and is sold in a full loaf or half loaf. Enjoy it like you would any loaf bread from sandwiches to toast.