Pickle_brine Cultured - BRINE from fermented GARLIC DILL PICKLES 1 GALLON
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*Uses for Fermented Pickle Brine* Home Remedies with Pickle Juice Hangover – fermented brine (that goes is so good as a shot chaser at the bar!) has been known to help ease suffering associated with hangover. It’s thought to replenish the sodium and mineral levels in the body that a hangover depletes. Muscle cramps - in the sports world, it’s also a known habit for athletes to drink it after a workout to reduce cramping. PMS – it may lessen the affects of cramps in the same way that athletes use it for post-workout cramps. Heartburn – it has been used as a soothing agent for heartburn. Sports Drink It is used by many athletes for hydration because of the sodium and electrolytes it can contain. It is particularly good when a high quality mineral rich salt is used – and we us Himalayn Pink salt that has many naturally occurring mineral compounds! Pickle Shots to your Health Some people have a craving for brine just for the taste, but think about all of those vitamins, minerals, and probiotics in that magical liquid? Why get rid of all of that nutrition? Have a sip or two occasionally and drink in all that flavor! Boost the Flavor of your Recipes Try adding more flavor to dishes like rice, fish, tempeh, tofu, hummus, or anything that calls for vinegar or needs more of a salty/tangy zing. Bread Dough Ever hear of Jewish deli bread? Try making a loaf using fermented vegetable brine! For real: Real NY Jewish Rye Bread Recipe. It is a great conditioner for flavor and consistency for any sourdough loaf! Potato Heaven (with Pickle brine) When boiling potatoes, add some pickle juice to the water to infuse a special something that people won’t be able to place but they’ll know it just tastes amazing! While you’re at it in potatoes, add it to potato salad for that tanginess that those recipes need. Marinades Fermented brine is highly acidic so marinating a protein in it can flavor and tenderize it whether it’s meat, tofu, tempeh or whatever. Poaching Fish When poaching fish, try adding fermented brine to the poaching water to infuse some of that acid flavor. Salad Dressings Why use regular old distilled vinegar when you can leftover brine for your salad dressings? Sauces Fermented brine can be an excellent flavor booster for your homemade sauces! And if you do not add it to anything hot it will keep its probiotic benefits and will help with digestion! Household Cleaner Did you know that people in the restaurant industry sometimes use fermented brine to clean blackened copper pans? You can also try using this for your BBQ grill. Compost There are so many uses to fermented brine, it almost seems crazy just to pour it into your compost bin, but if It will do magic helping stuff in your compost pile break down faster! Ingredients: Cucumbers, Filtered Water, Spices (Horseradish, Dill, Garlic, Red Peppers, Black Peppercorn, Mustard Seed, All spice, Coriander, Cloves Bay Leaves), Himalayan Pink Salt