Taterbug Southern Divine Desserts

I owned and operated a commercial bakery from 2011 to 2017 first in Gwinnett County and then in Hall county. Last November I purchased a little 4-acre farm in Cornelia and have not built my commercial bakery yet. So far I have 25 chickens for eggs, 10 ducks to fertilize and forage in my gardens, and 10 Guineas to help all over the farm with bugs and ticks. It’s just the beginning of an amazing all-natural sustainable place.

As I work to get my land and my animals into production, I would like to use my kitchen to prepare and sell Taterbug Southern Bakery Fried Pies. I have sold many varieties of pies over the years, but the customer favorites are apple and pecan. I have sold pies at farmer’s markets, delivered them to retailers using a wholesale license, and sold them as well in my own bakery storefront in Clermont. I use locally grown ingredients as well as eggs from my own farm chickens.

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