Back in Time Farm LLC.


Certified Naturally Grown (more info)

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We are a small 14 acre family farm located just around the corner in Barrow county. All of the livestock on our farm are “Certified Naturally Grown” which ensures that you are getting the highest quality, clean meat available anywhere. Our focus is pastured poultry that live in portable chicken tractors and are moved to fresh grass daily. The chicken’s are fed an Organic, Soy Free feed. Organic feed is the only way to know you are not getting glyphosate(Round Up )in the feed from purposeful spraying. Even non gmo grain is likely sprayed with Round Up due to a process called desiccation. This process requires that the wheat be sprayed to kill it so the entire field can be harvested all at once for efficiency purposes. The animals on our farm are never give any antibiotics or growth hormones and watered with collected rain water. These wonderful “Back in Time Birds” are processed at a USDA inspected facility.

We also raise egg layers that are free to roam all day long throughout our pastures eating all kinds of wild goodies. We supplement their diets with Organic Layer Feed and sprouted Organic Wheat producing great tasting and healthy eggs for your family.

We also raise assorted vegetables using all natural organic methods.

We also raise Certified Naturally Grown Beef that is sold in bulk meaning approximately 50-60 pound bundles.

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