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The Best Little Farm is located just outside of Clarkesville on the Toccoa Highway. It is always work in progress here! It is just me and who ever wants to help. I do have a young girl that comes to help out sometimes as she just loves my horses! I always welcome helpers! I started in 2005 with goats and later livestock guardian dogs. In 2010 came chickens and I have had horses since I had property to enjoy them. Ever one has a job even the horses as co grazers. Though I am not “certified” organic, I practice natural methods (no chemical pesticides, fertilizers or amendments).

For now, the farm product are eggs, goat milk lotion and soaps. I do grow some produce and herbs for myself mainly. I use chickens for eggs and meat, occasionally selling chicks or chicken to those who just have to one or two. The goats are for meat and milk products like cheese, lotions and soaps. In the near future I will be providing pet milk product.

My goal is to have raised garden beds and small orchard in the near future. I want to grow the healthiest, most affordable product possible using sustainable agricultural methods. My chickens, dogs, goats, and 2 horses happily roam in the fresh air of the pastures and wooded area. Oh, without my dogs, I could not have chickens due to common predators like the stray cats, coyotes, dogs, hawks, foxes, opossums, raccoons and I did have one bear.

The farm products can be purchased through Northeast Ga Locally Grown or you can stop by the farm anytime. You are always welcomed to come by! Please call me at 706-244-9653 to insure I am here. I am in and out or on the backside of property. work in progress
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I hold following licenses:
Egg Candling License #8332
Raw Milk* Feed License – Pending

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