Sole Farm


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Sole Farm is a locally owned and operated farm providing fresh produce, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesitides using organic practices.

I am Brooks Garcia, your new farmer at Sole Farm.( Sol-a…Italian for sun)I am a new farmer to NEGALG so please bear with me these first few times as I work my way through the system.

It has been a life long dream to live in the country and have a farm and now it is a reality. A 100′ × 20′ hoop house was installed in October as well as some field beds so I am just statring out. My first week selling at the on line market will be Jan. 20th, 2017. It is my desire to grow the best, healthiest, freshest food possible without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. I do this by using organic and biodynamic practices. Soil and the life contained in it is everything. Like us and follow us on FaceBook: SoleFarmDemorest

Good Eating!

Farmer Brooks, Sole Farm….Taste the goodness of the Sun!

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