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At Bramberi Farm, we specialize in Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) berries – raspberries, blackberries and strawberries from spring through autumn and blueberries in the summer. We also produce CNG flowers, herbs and eggs and have pastured lamb available during certain seasons. We are a small farm sitting on 25 acres on the eastern side of Dahlonega in the Foothills of North Georgia, exactly 60 miles as the crow flies north of Atlanta. Our focus is to provide high quality, naturally grown products through sustainable and integrated farming practices as part of a network of local and healthy food producers.

We grow many varieties of raspberry and blackberry, with the earliest ripening in May and the latest producing until autumn frost. Both spring and fall-bearing raspberries are grown in hoophouses to extend the growing season and protect the berries from sunburn and water-logging. Strawberries are grown both hydroponically in vertical growing systems and conventionally in raised beds, including several varieties of both June-bearing and Ever-bearing types. Blueberries include a mix of mature Rabbiteye and younger Northern Highbush varieties.

All of our soil is enriched with homemade compost: aged manure from the sheep and chickens, clippings from the pasture and yard, topped off with coffee grounds and peelings. Mulch produced from small trees and branches on the property provides soil moisture retention, weed control and additional nutrients. All of our berries are maintained on a drip irrigation system for water conservation.

We believe we are called to faithful stewardship of the land that God has given us and to be able to share with others the yield that it provides. We look forward to all feedback and engagement with those that cross our path on this journey.

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