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And we are back! All our sprouts start as 100% non GMO 100% organic seed stock. They are lovingly hand tended and 100% chemical free You can also see us live at the Dahlonega Farmers market Saturdays and Tuesdays…..
Keep calm and eat sprouts!
Starting to ease back into production…. we are offering 8 of our more popular selections, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us if you have a specific sprout request that you’d like, we will need a weeks lead time for special requests. Thanks for all the sweet messages, calls, texts, emails, etc….
We felt the LOVE !
Namaste ya’ll

To dehull or not to dehull, that was the question. After input from other organic growers and longtime customers we have decided to no longer dehull our sprouts as part of our final step in our harvest practice. If you prefer yours dehulled, please feel free to contact us for an easy method to do that. Keep calm and eat more sprouts!
In search of sprouts for a sandwich one day, I discovered that none of the major grocery chains carried them anymore, I did find some organic seed stock at the health food store and started sprouting my own. One thing lead to another, and soon our Rust and Dust LLC had a division called Uncle T’s Organic Sprout Farm, that has been inspected and approved by the Georgia Dept of Agriculture. We now have 25 varieties of artisan gourmet organic sprouts that come from Non GMO certified Organic seed stock from sources all across the USA. We have been selling our products at the Dahlonega Farmers Market and to an extensive network of friends and family.
We strive to provide the freshest , most nutritious, delicious organic sprouts you have ever tasted, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with one of our products, please let us know and we will make it right, either by replacing the product or refunding your money. Satisfaction guaranteed. We sell no sprout before or after it’s time. No chemicals are used in our production process, they are lovingly hand tended and washed 2-3 times per day, dehulled and a final rinse, dried and packaged. All by-product of our harvest process is repurposed as plant food and organic chicken food for free range flocks. We are located on the shores of Lake Lanier off the Chestatee River on Yellow Creek on the upper north end.


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