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The Herb Cottage Market is a Flower, Herb, & Castile Soap Cottage Market
Luxuriously Beautiful Body Herbals & Castile Soap

We offer all natural seasonal, fresh herbs, flowers, & natural hand poured castile soaps. We only practice natural gardening techniques. We create & make All Natural Bath & Body Herbal Products. Our Natural Herbals are prepared with infused oils & extracts of botanicals & plant material grown on our property or responsibly wildcrafted. They are all natural with no chemicals, artificial preservatives, or binding ingredients.

Natural Herbal & Cottage Items currently offering with Locally Grown: these are but a few, new seasonal herbals & soaps are made daily.

Castile soap: one of the oldest soaps made, olive oil creates a more gentle, moisturizing soap that is harder & lasts longer than most hand poured soaps. Infused with local botanicals, we love to hand make & offer chamomile, lavender, & Oat Castile Soap (excellent to soothe excema & psoriasis), peppermint tingle soap, rosemary herb castile soap, patchouli castile soap, cinnamon shave soap, pine spice castile soap, jasmine castille, & honeysuckle soap.

Dandelion Milk: A sweet light body & hair cream perfect for summer. Created with infused Dandelion Flowers that are rich in emollients and wonderful for the skin. Our Dandelion Milk is gently scented with lemon. The skin & hair soak up the vitamin c from the infused fresh lemons used in this milk.

All Natural Body Butters: Looks & feels like real butter! Wonderful, silky, smooth, & thick with goodness our body butter is created with a variety of natural nut butters & our infused seasonal botanical oils. Patchouli Spice Body butter is delicious in the autumn, lavender wonderful for winter, jasmine or honeysuckle beautiful in the spring & summer months. Melts with your body heat, just like real creamy butter.

Herbal Body Balms: infused comfry, chamomile, lavender, plantain, rosemary, wild violet, dandelion, eucalyptus, mullein, pine, juniper, jasmine, honeysuckle, rose geranium, sage, rose petal, & lemongrass are some of the botanicals used for seasonal & medicinal balms. Local beeswax & organic coconut oil, all soothe & protect naturally.

The Perfect Cream: A soothing gentle face & neck night cream. Thick with wonderful ingredients including our infused sweet almond oil, evening primrose hydrosol, local beeswax. Naturally softens skin, giving it a radiant glow, absolutely decadent & devine…

Chamomile, lavender, organic local oat facewash wash. Literally wash the face with flowers, smells heavenly & feels fantastic. Naturally exfoliates, nourishes, clears blemishes, smooths skin. Beautifully scented.

The Herb Cottage Market alsp creates the following Infused Oils, Tinctures, Infused Vinegars, Infused Honeys, & Extracts:
Black Walnut Oil & Tincture
Cayenne Oil, Tincture, & Vinegar
Echinacea Tincture
Comfrey Oil & Tincture
Plantain Oil & Tincture
Dandelion Oil
Eucalyptus Oil & Tincture
Citronella Oil & Extract
Rosemary Oil, Rosemary Infused Vinegar, Rosemary Tincture
Garlic Oil, Garlic Infused Honey, Garlic Tincture, Garlic Daily Tonic, & Garlic Antibacterial Spray (all created by locally grown garlic from O’Hanna Farms & Mill Gap Farm)
Peony Oil
Evening Primrose Oil & Tincture
Opal Basil Oil & Vinegar
Spearmint Extract
Chocolate Mint Extract
Mint Extract

Fresh Herbs Grown Naturally @ The Herb Cottage Market:
Basil: Sweet Basil, Opal Basil, Globe Basil, Thai Basil
Rosemary: wonderful Rosemary!
Greek Oregano
Lemon Thyme
Chocolate Mint
Spearmint: very sweet & delicious, a special mint
Lemon Balm
Lavender: Flowers seasonal

We also grow seasonal & naturally grown vegetables & flowers. We create very pretty Herb to Table to Kitchen Bouquets, and wildflower bouquets.

More & More Natural Herbals, Extracts, Oils, Fresh Herbs, & Flowers are created, planted, or added weekly~ Please contact us at theherbcottagemarket@gmail.com
OR text/call 706.949.4569

Thank you for looking…may your day be blessed & beautiful…

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