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With focus on Health, Sustainability and History, LoganBerry Heritage Farm is stewarded by fifth-generation granddaughter, Sharon Turner Mauney. Using Nature as teacher and model, LoganBerry practices include soil mineralization, mulching, composting, animal rotations, cover crops & rotation, pastured beef with intensive grazing, raised beds, permaculture, soil building and vermiculture. Growing HEALTH—for people, animals, plants and the environment. Practices are non-conventional, energy-based, and always NATURAL.

WHY PASTURED BEEF? By purchasing LoganBerry BEEF, you not only know where your food comes from, but how it was raised and treated. Our farming practices protect the soil, the animals and the environment by following Nature’s Laws and organic methods. Our cattle are free of antibiotics, hormones, GMO foods and grains. Our animals are part of the LoganBerry family and treated with respect.

Taste the difference that humanely stewarded, 100% Grass-Fed Beef makes. Our cows are raised on pastures for their entire lives, eating what cows are meant to eat – pasture grasses, clovers and native weeds – not on unnatural feed lots. At the end of their journey on our Farm, they are thanked and blessed for their lives, the health of the Farm and for our customers.

WHAT MAKES LOGANBERRY GRASS-FED BEEF DIFFERENT? LoganBerry BEEF is different because we recognize the spiritual component and sacredness of all animals and especially those that are raised for human food. We do NOT consider our farm animals as commodities. By acting upon spiritual principles with our unique animal husbandry, our cows are treated with the utmost respect for their beings, values and subsequent needs.

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