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Split Creek Farm is a Grade A goat dairy in operation since 1985. The farm is known for its award winning goat cheeses and goat milk fudge.

Split Creek Farm strives to be as all natural as possible. The farm’s certified goat herd produces all the milk used for its cheese and fudge. Every animal in the herd receives individual attention daily. The extra care they receive shows in the milk quality. The dairy goat herd, which is mostly Nubian, competes nationally in the show ring and for milk production records. Herd health and the ultimate quality of the dairy products are the primary concern of the owners.

Currently the farm population averages about 350, with half of those being milked twice a day. The goats are full partners in the operation and every effort is made for them to be able to perform up to their genetic potential. The milkers are managed to encourage long lactations with most does milking at least three years. Hormones are never used to get the does bred or to produce more milk. Herbicides and pesticides are not used on the pastures in keeping with the commitment to produce an all natural product.

Split Creek produces approximately 750 lbs of cheese a week. Products include, feta, chevre, fromage blanc, yogurt, goat milk fudge, and goat milk soap. The farm’s products have won many national awards. In March 2010, the farm’s feta in oil won a gold medal in its class at the World Championship Cheese Contest held in Madison, Wisconsin.

The farm shops are open Mon – Sat 9-6 and Sun 2-5 to sell the milk, cheese, fudge and soap produced by the farm. The unique folk art of Pat Bell is also available at The Hen House. Combining traditional techniques with her own creative style, she transforms worn items into art collectibles.

*Visitors are welcome at the farm. The farm staff knows that survival of small farms is dependent on educating the public about rural life and the origin of their foods. Since this is a working farm and a great deal of time is spent daily with milking, feeding, and processing cheese, visitors to the shop are encouraged to schedule a tour for a better look at the farm and how it is operated. Educational tours are by prearranged appointment and require groups of 10.

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