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Life has shifted to living a 100 percent off grid life-style! Solar powered all the way!
Our Gardens have changed as well. Subsistance Growing and Foraging at the edge of the woods. More challanging than having the nice flat bottomlands of the previuos years to grow food. We eat what we grow (of course) , but the mindset is changed to reflect a kind of urgency to prepare for coming seasons. My goal is to eat completely off the land (except good strong coffee)!

So a good sized hoop house grows some food during winter and is home to chickens and quails that WARM the greenhuse and provide garden maure and eggs. I grow Native Plants, Heirloom Veggies, Houseplants and Herbs there as well.

I forage the woods for food stuffs and Medicine that I can dry and turn into healing salves, tintcures and teas. I plant lots of culinary herbs as well.

I Grow what we Love to eat in the gardens and will share it with you when available ( or the seeds) to grow your own garden!

As you have probably guessed, I’m a BIG do it yourselfer (DIY) I make all my Soaps, Skin Care and Healing products as well as some fun things that are just simply Good and contribute to Healthy Life-style!

I offer all my products in Gratitude and Love. I want them to Nourish and Heal, to Taste Great and Be Playful! So enJOY!

Your Lovely Eco-Gardener,Herbalist, Wild Crafter
Certified South Carolina Grown!

Marantha Blackwell, and her son ELi!
YOUR Lovely Eco-Gardeners, Herbalist and Wild Crafters!
Nursery license #40447




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