Clayton Microgreens

Hello and welcome! My name is Cayce Collins, I started growing microgreens at my home in Clayton GA as a hobby, side business, & way to connect with the community in the North Georgia area and provide locals with a nutrient-dense product. I use organic seed and soil and do not use any chemicals on my greens or the property we live on.

What are microgreens?
Microgreens are densely grown edible plants that are harvested once they reach 2-4 inches tall. They are known for having 1-5x the amount of nutrients compared to their mature plant counterparts and taste just like them!

Microgreens are often confused with spouts. Microgreens are grown in light and on soil or other fiber mediums, whereas sprouts are grown in dark and wet conditions and can be more prone to bacteria and mold.

Here are some links to articles about the nutrient quantity of microgreens:

Microgreens: A Nutrient Rich Crop that can Diversify Food System, written by Pooja Bhatt1 and Sonika Sharma

What can I use microgreens for?
I use them on everything! They are a quick way to spice up a boring simple meal. They add flavor, color, and SO many nutrients! Here are some examples of just a few things I like to add them on: sandwiches, pasta, soups, salad, egg salad, as a bed of greens for salmon, tacos, hamburgers, and avocado toast.

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