Fenugreek_sprouts Sprouts - Fenugreek
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Fenugreek is a unique tasting and exotic sprout. It is slightly bitter with a nice crush which is great to add to salads. Ground Fenugreek is one of the primary ingredients in curry powder. It is used in the Indian cuisine as seeds for the maple syrup flavoring. A great way to use fenugreek is in breakfast burritos. Scrambled eggs, salsa, cashew cheese, and fenugreek! When it steams it get that maple syrup smell/flavor and a sauerkraut type texture. It is awesome and a great source of protein. All seeds are Non-GMO and organic seeds for sprouting. All of our seeds are from a supplier that tests for diseases such as Salmonella and E. Coli to ensure that they are food-safe seeds ****sprout care - remember most issues involved with sprouts come from being in the packages. Keep the sprouts in your crisper and use tongs or a fork to get out your sprouts. NEVER put your hands in the bag which could lead to cross contamination and ruin the sprouts. Most sprouts will stay fresh for at least a week, large bean sprouts should be eaten as quickly as possible since they grow and break down faster.