2019-04-02_13.37.57 Aloe - fresh Aloe Vera Leaf
Grower: Wildberry Homestead
Price: $6.00 ( 1 lb.)
%> Available (Exact): 5

Fresh Aloe Vera Leaves harvested from mature Aloe Vera plants. 1 lb. equal to 1-3 leaves depending on the size of the leaf. Expect some leakage of aloe juice inside the double-lined compostable bag. Harvesting the same day as pick-up doesn’t allow time for “sealing” before packaging. Simply wipe off excess with a towel or lightly rinse. We use our Aloe vera gel for skin care and also take it internally by adding it to our homemade smoothies. Please do your own research and talk to your doctor before adding Aloe Vera to your diet.