Ed5416f6-3b93-4167-8bf0-e53c3d1a6036 Milk - Raw Goat Milk 1/2 gal
Grower: Loaded Goat Farm
Price: $6.25 ( Ea)
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Per Georgia law, my container must be labeled for pet use only. **Please bring something to transport the milk to maintain the cold temps needed. ** 1/2 gallon of fresh raw goat milk from our herd of friendly Nigerian Dwarf and Lamancha goats. I use a milking machine to keep the milking process as sanitary as possible. All supplies are sanitized after each use. Milk is then put in freezer to chill as quickly as possible. Our goats are on monthly milk testing which means the milk is measured for protein, butterfat and also somatic cell count to monitor the health of the goat. We also do home testing of somatic cell counts as an added precaution. It is recommended to keep your milk as cold as possible to prolong freshness. Our goats have access to forage during the day and are locked at night for protection. We feed grain on the milk stand and alfalfa and Bermuda hay for optimal milk production. We treat herbally as much as possible but will treat chemically if the life of the animal is at stake. Please contact me if you are not 100% satisfied with our product. stacie@loadedgoatfarm.com 706-892-6708 Visit our website at: www.loadedgoatfarm.com Feed License # 12915