Mayberry_man_soap Soap - Goat Milk, Mayberry Man
Grower: Loaded Goat Farm
Price: $5.50 ( Each 5 oz)
%> Available (Exact): 4

New fragrance for the men! It's a peppery scent and smells very nice. This soap has activated charcoal which has many skin benefits especially for someone who has acne or skin concerns. Our soaps are made with the milk from our herd of pastured Nigerian Dwarf and Lamancha goats. They are much loved and practically spoiled rotten. Many people have found goat milk soap to be beneficial for eczema. I have found goat milk soap to be very moisturizing and helps with the dreaded dry skin during winter. The bars are approximately 5 oz. Ingredients: Goat milk, saponified lye, olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, fragrance and activated charcoal.