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We are a very small family operation with high hopes of becoming as self sufficient as possible. Three and a half years ago my wife and I were newly weds talking about how much we wanted to raise our own animals, grown our own produce, make our own detergents and personal care products, and in general get back to basics for a full and healthy life. We are excited to be moving in that direction. All of our animals are fed a NON-GMO feed as well as our organically grown vegetables. At this time we have a flock of Amerucana, Buff Orpington, Silver Laced Wyndotte, Golden Laced Wayndotte, New Hampshire Red, and Black Austrolope chickens. As this year progresses we hope to bee adding our crops as well including all heirloom and organic tomatoes, okra, squashes, wide variety of herbs, string-less beans, potatoes, carrots, celery, and basically anything that we have too much of to store and eat ourselves! We look forward to sharing our bounty with you. Hope fully by the end of this year and early next year we can begin to add in Berkshire pig products, Rabbit meat, Chicken meat, and hopefully raw Jersey cow milk, as well as cheeses and cultured cream. We enjoy learning working and growing. Hopefully you can share in our dreams.

Russ and Tara Grindle

Russ candling license #7773
Tara candling license #7772

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